• Wide range of products and colors.

    Color is a powerful tool that can truly transform a space and give it a unique feel. Whether you want to create a dramatic and classic atmosphere or something a little more soothing and elegant, our range of colors offers the ultimate choice to help you create your dream interior. Our neutral shades express comfort and sophistication, with a softness that is key in relaxing spaces such as living areas and bedrooms. On the other hand clear tones
  • Harmony.

    Our luxury products re-present Elegance and Fashion Where ever EBM colors are applied, you will be Inspired, Charmed and fascinated
  • Excellent color resistant

    Doha Paints, distinguished with manufacturing paints for various purposes, with high durability & excellent abrasion , and resistance to different weather conditions.

About us

Doha factory for paints and chemicals was established in 2014 as pure Qatari paint company, Our aim is to produce all types of paints and coatings that are needed for the Construction and Industrial Section which are booming and still relay a lot on imports from surrounding countries and others. Doha paints will introduce unique types of paints and supply all required painting Equipment Tools, and accessories needed for Application. Our manufacturing plant is located at the new industrial area Doha as well as our administration offices We have a large network throughout Qatar and soon all other GCC countries. To be able to launch our Products, to make Qatar people very Proud and Qatar name very High, we promise To bring the latest technology and the best staff to achieve that goal.


Customer satisfaction is important to us, And we are dedicated to our customers satisfaction. please read our services page to get re information

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A premium quality colourful paints, It provides a beautiful and durable finish for your indoor and outdoor projects.

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Our Products

  • Exterior Products
    Decorative Coatings

    Water based Emulsions and Texture Coatings Including primers, Topcoats, Texture products and Roof coating

    Interior Products
    Decorative Coatings

    Water based Emulsions and Putties Including primers, Topcoats and Putty

    Synthetic Enamel
    Decorative and Protective Coatings

    Solvent based product, primers and topcoats Including quick drying paints Hammer finish and Rood Marking Paint

    NC, PU & Epoxy
    Industrial Coatings

    Solvent based products mainly for wood and steel Including Putties, Primers, Base Coats, Topcoats Clear and Pigmented